Just Observe…

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost (Source: www.thepoetryfoundation.org)

In some simple words, Mr Frost really covered a regret almost all of us carry within us. Life has become a race now where the only thing people ever think about is of getting ahead. Be it getting great grades, the next big promotion, fame or anything else, it is the sole guiding force that we let shape our lives. Like countless others, here I am going to nudge you all as well to stop and just observe.

Welcome to this newest post of Narrating The Dream and this time I am back with a post to simply talk about the little but special things we have around us but never really manage to look at. This time, in this post that even I would probably re-read later a lot at different times, I will discuss some things that I noticed when I just took a break from the race and looked around. And I can proudly say that I liked what I saw.

Observation #1: It is hard to miss the sun in the sky if you try to look around and take everything in. The weather here is pleasant no matter what time of the year it is and the sight of sun among the cloudy sky and some of the patterns I have seen the sky due to the clouds and lighting conditions are truly breathtaking. You could take countless pictures of just the sky daily and will still feel that you missed some great shots. So, look around yourself. Take a look at how the sky looks from where you live. Doesn’t it look beautiful? (Try looking especially in the evenings or early mornings.)

As an extension of this observation, I would also add that the scenery also looks great under different lighting conditions. And the night sky? Just brilliant. You know, what they say is true. The night sky looks especially great when you are not around artificial lights (lamps, cars, etc).

Observation #2: The very idea of this post came when I spotted two birds fly in the sky at a distance. I was a little inspired by that ‘flight of the birds’ scene of Da Vinci’s Demons (season 1, episode 1) and was fascinated to see them often switch between flapping their wings and just floating in the sky. And questions began to pour in my head: Do they do that in some pattern? The timing seems irregular, is it because they feel tiredness in their wings? Or maybe are they protecting their body heat in the cold sky? Do they flap their wings just to fly? Or is their another reason for them to do so as well? And most importantly: Why did I never look at them before? It didn’t matter that the answers could be found in Google or Wikipedia or somewhere else. What mattered was that I felt like I was watching something new, even though I am pretty sure I have seen birds in flight before. So why was it special? Because I didn’t just see. I observed. What did you think when you observed birds in flight?

Observation #3: This one was the simplest and most common of all, and yet it was also the most thought-provoking one. Kids playing. Something almost everyone of you must be seeing everyday. Two simple words right? Wrong. The moment I really saw them playing, an urge rose within me. An urge to play. An urge to relax. And with these urges came a wonder: Why do I feel like this? Am I not letting myself live? The answer was just as I feared, sadly. Enslaved by this competitive world that looks down on every second of delay, I was sub-consciously suppressing some of my urges to relax and recover. That childish joy that went through me when I played was something I couldn’t even recall now. And that made me re-assess my life. I won’t be making huge sudden changes in my lifestyle but there is now a desire to relax as well. The thoughts made me re-assess what I was spending my time on and I knew I had to change when I felt like it was all a blur sometimes.

Doesn’t this observation wish you could just take a break and play? Roll up your sleeves and just jump in to play. Do you have any personal such experiences to share? To all who are thinking now to follow this advice, this is all I have to suggest: Don’t play to win. Don’t play to show-off. Just play to enjoy. Just play, period.

What do you think? If you have your own posts or experiences to share, feel free to post them in comment. I promise to check them all out.


2 thoughts on “Just Observe…

  1. Frost is a very good poet. I would also go along with Edgar Allan Poe. You make up very good points and really bring the topic into perspective. If your interested in poetry you may like to check out my blog. Keep up the good work.

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