People change with time, thoughts, actions and experiences. These things affect the life of the person, making him mould himself in adherence to these incidents. And what finally happens is that we don’t even recognize how much we have slowly and subtly changed. Habits die, new habits are picked up, and posture and speech characteristics change, thoughts processes are modified and more of these changes take place due to these influences and give us a version we just can’t fit with the description we would have confidently used for ourselves once. What else? We lose the sight of how we were… and of who we are now.
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Just Observe…

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost (Source:

In some simple words, Mr Frost really covered a regret almost all of us carry within us. Life has become a race now where the only thing people ever think about is of getting ahead. Be it getting great grades, the next big promotion, fame or anything else, it is the sole guiding force that we let shape our lives. Like countless others, here I am going to nudge you all as well to stop and just observe.

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Story Idea: ‘NOT special’

Sorry for the absence but I really couldn’t come up with something good to talk about. Intending not to delay any more in updating, here is one of the story ideas that I have had but cannot devote time to. If you are interested, just tell me and take it over from me. (Or tell me if I accidentally copied someone else’s work.)

NOT special

Mackayla Adams is special. Born with a genetic disease that has made her deaf, she has to be treated with more care and attention than what an otherwise ordinary 18 year old would need. Lip reading lessons, adapting to sign language for her… the people around her have done it all gladly. Because Kay is that special. Everyone loves her and she never fails to make a person smile by the time she leaves their company. To those around her, Kay is special but that doesn’t mean she isn’t special to others as well. Fuelled with passion, she is also the lead dancer of Rose Allison Theatre Company. She just grabs your attention. Her body moves so fluidly to the music that you will never realize that she can’t hear it. Yes, Mackayla Adams is special.

But Andrea Adams? No, I’m not special. I am an ordinary 16 year old girl with my ordinary life. I have my issues, my loves and all that stuff. But most importantly, I have my amazing sister Kay. Do I not face difficulties with her special status? Anyone would. But I have understood. I always have. (And knowing Kay, anyone else would as well.)

But sometimes, you just need to be special to the people around you as well, even if that special will never be like Kay’s special. Sometimes, you just need to hear how you are loved and cherished… so that you don’t end up feeling overlooked. Because that is what I feel is happening with me. And why?

Because I’m NOT special.

I cannot say when I will post again or what I will post. But know this if you seek any sort of reassurance, when I post again, it won’t lower the level of what I talk about (though I have no idea how low it already is. I mean it could already be six feet under the ground for all I know).

Do you like the concept? Do you have any opinions on the subject matter of this idea? Please do tell.