The Moral Compass

Imagine this: You are walking down a busy street and are lost in your thoughts. Heading briskly to your destination since you are almost late for a very urgent meeting, you don’t notice any of the faces around yourself, only blurs that are almost instantly forgotten. The rest of the world is tuned out as you mentally arrange your words for the meeting. And then the bubble of isolation of yours bursts. There’s a commotion. People are running away. Some are screaming. You crouch and run for protection. Finding an alleyway nearby, you check what’s happened. The first thing you notice is blood. Lots of blood. And then you realize what you are seeing. It’s a pile-up. Three or four cars are involved. Your heart is beating fast. You are wondering how to get to the meeting at the same time as well. And then you see him. A middle-aged man is stuck in the bottom car. You are getting late. But only you seem to have noticed the fellow. What do you do? Save him or save your meeting? Answer this. And now answer this (truthfully to yourself), if this situation really happened, would you really do it?

Welcome to the 28th post of Narrating The Dream and this time we are about to discuss one of the most important things that the humans have lost somewhere in their journey to be ‘advanced’: The Moral Compass.


There have been a lot of things that us humans found and discovered: latest gadgets, transports, instruments, and so on. But in this journey of discovering things, we also ‘discarded’ things of the past. And one of the casualties of these new discoveries was our moral compass that guided us to live as a better member of the society. In the scenario above, very few (honest) people would have responded positively for the second question. I don’t disregard the fact that there would be explanations and claims but none of it is an acceptable excuse for what we do. In no scenario, it is profitable to let someone die for own material gains/pleasures.

We have lost our judging abilities that helped us decide the right course of action when it came to judging between selfish and selfless choices. The moral compass that is supposed to steer us towards making the right choices has now become damaged. Even basic moral teachings are now fading away, remaining behind only as teachings written in books that only few bother to pick up and even rarely try to adapt. They say the world has gone cutthroat, and thus making us abandon these ‘useless’ things. I ask them all, how do you think the entire world changed like this? It all starts with some one person only.

Every thought of ours, every word we speak and every act of ours defines us. It defines our influence and impact on the world around us, slowly changing it all. And in this case that we are living in, the change has been a negative one. Compassion, kindness and other qualities like this had once defined mankind but now these are nearly gone. So, what’s to blame?

Do we blame the capitalism? Do we blame other people’s greed and selfishness? Or do we blame our own malleability to conform to the present social standards? It doesn’t matter because putting blame on things never makes it all go away as if it never happened. We need to start the repairs. Now.

Will it be slow? Yes. It would be initially so slow that you won’t even feel the difference it makes. But as I said about how we shape our worlds, slowly but steadily it will work out well. And even if we aren’t strong enough to try to convert large masses, there isn’t a reason to despair.

Every change that happens… starts with one person only after all.

So what do you think? Do you have anything to add? To criticize? Do tell in the comments below.


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