The Difficult Place of Crossroads of Choices

Life is full of choices. Some choices we make are made in moments of weakness. Some others are made with our full conviction supporting us. But the mess of these choices is that, despite what we think, these choices won’t always turn out how we expect them to. An over-sight, a miscalculation or just plain idiocy often impacts the result of our choices. Sometimes these choices end up with good results. Sometimes they only gift us regret and pain.

Welcome to the 27th post of Narrating The Dream and this time we are discussing the difficult position we often find ourselves in life: At the crossroads of choices .

In the good consequences, we share the joys with others, unless the motive was a selfish one. But in the bad consequences? Well, that’s where the true effect lies of our choices. If we are lucky, they will only affect us. But if we aren’t, then those around us suffer as well. And the regret that rises out of the consequences weighs only heavier if we hurt others with our actions as well.

But then what should we do? It isn’t as if we can take enough time to think things through and consider all the consequences. Because let’s face it. Even if we get all the time in the world, the consequences of our actions would never be completely predictable. There will always be something overlooked. And for the cases where we have to make decisions in an instant, there won’t be time to think at all. All we will have in these cases is time to react. So what do we do? Just get it over with and hope for the best?

Unfortunately, not exactly but yes. We can never avoid missing something while analysing a situation but that doesn’t mean that we just make a random or unprepared choice. Success stories aren’t made up of people who took care of every issue in the first time. They are made up of people who were prepared (or at least alert) for any signs of unforeseen consequences. The unfavourable conditions came at them with full force but being prepared helped them get through as much unscathed as possible.

And this is what really matters in the end at the crossroads of choice. Newton said that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action, acting on two different bodies. The world around us is resistant to change and to them, our choice is the action. Its resistance is the reaction and we must be prepared to face the consequences. In the choices that don’t offer the luxury of time, this would seem impossible but it isn’t so. Our regrets are proof of this. The ‘what ifs’ help us later realize what should have been done. If our mind is capable of forming these possible contingency plans later, why shouldn’t it be able to do so before? We just have to train our instincts (by moulding our thought processes suitably) for this.

This, however, is no guarantee of success. There will be times when a choice will blind-side us. In these cases, only the hope and trust in own judgement will help. You need to believe that you made the right choice so that you can face its consequences head on. If you offer any weakness, then the battle of life is lost as soon as the enemy realizes it.

So to conclude, I would say that life is full of crossroads of choices, where every step of ours will define us. We can never know for sure (unless someone can divine the future or time-travel) if the impact of our choices would be good or bad. But that doesn’t mean we shall let our fears try to beat us down. There are ways that might help regain some footing back even if the life threatens/succeeds in knocking us down to our knees.

The place of crossroads of choices is a difficult place to be in but all of us end up there often. Sometimes we will win the gamble. Sometimes we will lose. But if we are prepared, we will never run out of chances to try again and again until we master life itself.


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