Life As A Teacher

“Life is a harsh teacher.” It is what people say in general, even if in different wordings or languages. For the ones who agree to be or are able to be its students – whether they are lucky or unlucky is a matter of personal opinion – this is most certainly true. And its teachings are what we call experiences, for it is this experience that we pass down to the willing receivers in the future generations/successors so that they don’t have to waste time on learning the same lesson they know all over again. And in doing so, we make life as a teacher again, if only indirectly this time.

This is the 24th post of ‘Narrating The Dream’ and it is time to acknowledge one of the oldest teachers of all who has ever lived: Life.

There is no age when you are too old to learn and life is a persistent teacher, never willing to let a pupil go until death snatches him/her away from the class. Whether it be learning to conquering your fears, pushing yourself to learn new things or simply realizing some truths about the world around you, life is always there with its lessons. When we consider how it teaches us things directly, we must look at how the circumstances act around us. They often shift us into terrible situations, pushing us continuously to improvise and come out successively of that trap… if only to be pushed into another one. It teaches us on how to be independent and who to trust and who not to. Granted that not all lessons end with us being the ones who profit from the lessons but even in these failures, it seeks to inspire both humility and a hunger to surpass own self and others. But this direct attack is not the only way it knows.

If one really thinks about it, there is a high chance that because of life’s perceived aggressiveness, its method of dropping sneaky hints will be ignored. At every moment, life offers you suggestions. Some of these would be seen, some would be ignored. Hearing about something in a conversation, reading something in a news report, or even watching about something new in a movie will be life’s way of indirectly teaching you about something. That something would be useful in life later and if you miss the subtle hint, then life will have you go through its aggressive lesson. There is no way to know what’s important and what’s not, sadly, and so we must focus on everything everywhere.

I would like to say that life does this because it means well but I am not really sure. Not everyone is built similarly and what isn’t too much of a hurdle could be insurmountable odds for others. But it doesn’t also accept excuses like this either. Either you toughen up… or you get crushed in this struggle of life.

So what do you think? Did I miss something? Or I was unclear somewhere? How do you think life acts as our teacher? If you have anything to share, please do!


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