TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

The world is full of ideas: Big and small ones both almost equally spread among the human minds. Some of these ideas are never shared and are lost until someone else gets them again. Some of these ideas get spread online and while some know where to find them, most don’t know about it. One such initiative for spreading great ideas is TED.

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Writing: Approach

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

In Writing, the journeys we take won’t be of a few thousands of miles (here: words), unless of course we are working on short stories or one of its even shorter versions. There will be ups and downs and not everything will happen as you might desire, often forcing you to retreat several step back in order to get back on track. And this is what I’m going to talk about now in detail.

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The Moral Compass

Imagine this: You are walking down a busy street and are lost in your thoughts. Heading briskly to your destination since you are almost late for a very urgent meeting, you don’t notice any of the faces around yourself, only blurs that are almost instantly forgotten. The rest of the world is tuned out as you mentally arrange your words for the meeting. And then the bubble of isolation of yours bursts. There’s a commotion. People are running away. Some are screaming. You crouch and run for protection. Finding an alleyway nearby, you check what’s happened. The first thing you notice is blood. Lots of blood. And then you realize what you are seeing. It’s a pile-up. Three or four cars are involved. Your heart is beating fast. You are wondering how to get to the meeting at the same time as well. And then you see him. A middle-aged man is stuck in the bottom car. You are getting late. But only you seem to have noticed the fellow. What do you do? Save him or save your meeting? Answer this. And now answer this (truthfully to yourself), if this situation really happened, would you really do it?

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The Difficult Place of Crossroads of Choices

Life is full of choices. Some choices we make are made in moments of weakness. Some others are made with our full conviction supporting us. But the mess of these choices is that, despite what we think, these choices won’t always turn out how we expect them to. An over-sight, a miscalculation or just plain idiocy often impacts the result of our choices. Sometimes these choices end up with good results. Sometimes they only gift us regret and pain.

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The Worth of Religious Beliefs

In this world, there are three types of folks when it comes to religions and beliefs: believers, atheists and agnostics. The first two are very fortunate because they face no grey areas when it comes to beliefs (and I do not include any sort of senseless ones). But for the unlucky agnostics, all that appears to them are the grey areas formed by unsuitable overlapping of science and religion as a result of incomplete/insufficient education. To them, this is a question of the ages (and who knows, it just might be).

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Fantasy vs Reality

“When I was a little kid, I wanted to be…” “I wish I could be a …” “If only I was a …” Words and sentences like these are often spoken with regret and wistfulness embedded in them. In our mind, in our fantasies, we have the power to be anyone and anything we want to be, anything we desire. But reality is rarely what we wish for. So we have to let them go. For those with the absolutely ridiculous ones, letting go of fantasies may be easy. (And I mean the ones that just aren’t possible due to any sort of conditions.) But what about those for whom making the fantasy their reality just might be possible upon trying and taking risks?
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Life As A Teacher

“Life is a harsh teacher.” It is what people say in general, even if in different wordings or languages. For the ones who agree to be or are able to be its students – whether they are lucky or unlucky is a matter of personal opinion – this is most certainly true. And its teachings are what we call experiences, for it is this experience that we pass down to the willing receivers in the future generations/successors so that they don’t have to waste time on learning the same lesson they know all over again. And in doing so, we make life as a teacher again, if only indirectly this time.

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