Little pieces of writing

“Sometimes, it is not what we did that counts in the end… sometimes what really matters is what we handed down for others to treat as our legacy.”


“There will be times when doubt will prevail.

There will be times when we lose track of our journey.

There will be times when we lose sight for the future we wished for.


When this happens, all we have to do is remember that we have had a past as well. And when we look back, to see how we got here, the past shall clear out the fog that hides the future that we should seek.”


“Sometimes, it is not the demons of the past that beat us down into the ground…

No, sometimes the paths of future do that just as efficiently.”


“Life often teaches us lessons we don’t desire to learn. Lessons that we don’t want to learn. We believe that we don’t need to learn them.


Life doesn’t let us drop out of them in the middle though…


And when it’s through with us, we are left  with the whys. Why did I go through that? Why did I try to resist? Why did I believe it wasn’t necessary?


The truth is that the lessons change us. They alter something fundamental in us. We may laugh. We may cry. We may smile. We may frown. But ultimately?


We learn.”



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