Letting Go… Carefully

Life is full of choices. From the small trivial ones to the major life-altering ones, these choices are always around us. In a nutshell, it can be said that life is nothing but a series of choices and their consequences. They partly define us as they also influence our surroundings and the situations and people we are exposed to. But we are not here to talk about life and choices. Maybe someday. But not today. Today is about only a small part of this. Today is about letting go.

Welcome to the 18th post of Narrating The Dream and what I want to talk about today is the need to let everything go. Letting all your responsibilities fall away is an escape from reality but in today’s life, this escape will not be judged against you (unless letting go causes something bad or the judge is a workaholic, of course).

Stress. It’s the one word that everyone in today’s life has experienced. The stress of the deadlines. The stress of workload. The stress of mastering new things quickly. The stress of managing the family. The stress of studying hard to succeed. Like a slow acting poison, it has seeped deep into our lives and is destroying our body one by one. There are so many harmful effects of this stress that this post could go on for pages. And that sounds stressful! So I’m just skipping that.

So what is one to do? Just dropping everything and running to live like a hermit sounds very appealing as an idea but is an impossibility in reality. Even if we can ignore the way the modern lifestyle and comforts has its grips around us, the fact that there are others who may depend on us is a factor that we just cannot forget forever. As I spoke before, our guilty conscience is a powerful voice. It just won’t let you forget if you ever leave someone dependent on you stranded alone. And no one needs those kinds of demons for the rest of their lives. And this is how the issue of ‘temporary escape’ arose. So what is this ‘temporary escape’?

One of the most popular way of ‘temporary escape’ is the concept of hobby. No matter what is your profession, a hobby is supposed to be something that you do for fun and relaxation. It is a bonus if it also brings in income but it is never a job, only a preference. And considering the diversity in human personalities, it should be no surprise that there is also a wide range of activities that counts as hobby. Stamp collection, reading, writing, singing, exercising, running, cycling, eating, hiking, camping, cooking, bungee jumping, rock climbing are only some examples of the hobbies that people keep. Some people even have more than one hobby to relax. Hobbyists need not be experts in their hobbies, as being an expert is only a choice and there is no exam to be taken to have a particular stuff as hobby. Though for the thrill-seekers and like, it is recommended to know enough that you can teach someone else all about it or at least its safety precautions.

But are hobbies the only way? No. Not everyone can manage to devote enough time to maintain their hobbies. And sometimes, not often, there would be a yearning for something different. To do something different. To be someone different. And this is what inspired me to do this post. Because when I felt like this… felt this desire to let go, I did. But that doesn’t mean I abandoned all the care for the consequences. Here’s what happened.

It was raining and my heart yearned to bath in it once, having forgotten how it feels. The rational side held me back, citing all the health reasons and the risk of damaging the electronic stuffs. It seemed like a choice with low level of consequences in choosing the either way. And do you know what thought made me choose what my childish heart desired? There will be another rain later sometime. There will be a yearning then as well. The electronics can be handed over to someone else for safekeeping. There will be something to avoid catching a cold as well. When I am prepared for the consequences, why not let the child within me loose? After all, I can be sensible next time.

It may not sound like much. Getting wet in the rain probably doesn’t. But in those moments in the rain… as I stood underneath that natural shower, I felt free. There were no worries, no fears, and no concerns. Nothing existed that could hold me down. In that moment, I was just me. (And later, thanks to the careful part of me, there were no negative impacts of this decision.) It was an instant stress reliever.

Sometimes, the hobby will be enough to keep you relaxed and occupied. Sometimes, it will be a silly/childish act that will help you regain a control on your stressed mind. Or maybe it will be something else to help you escape the daily burdens. But this much I know to be certain: it will be this ‘temporary escape’ that will help you avoid a permanent stay in a mental asylum in your later years. So if you don’t have one, I would suggest that you try to find one for yourself. It’s probably something you love. And pat yourself on your back if what you love is what your job is. Because (and I know this won’t make real sense) a hobby is not a job but a job can be a hobby.

So what is your ‘temporary escape’? Have you got any stories/incidents of your own to share? Please do tell below in comments.


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