Inspiration: The Sources Around Us

There are days when the only things that interest us are fictional: products of fantasies of a few highly imaginative minds. These days help us find new idols to admire and always follow in hopes of learning a thing or two among the things that make them great. For everyone these are uniquely different, as the qualifications for becoming an idol varies with reading preferences. And then there are days that have the real life beat the imaginative power so easily that makes you wonder if you aren’t in a story yourself as well. These too, consciously or not, influence our imaginative powers as well.

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this 18th post is about the sources of inspiration around us: both in real life and in fiction.

First, we shall cover the world of media, both fictional and non-fictional. There are tons of books, movies, poems, screenplays, etc. written on the different aspect of human personalities. For one who devours them all, these minor but important points that make the works different than the rest of the crowd get recorded in the subconsciousness. And later, when we are being’gods’/’slaves’ (as the case may be on who is leading the story: your conscious mind or the subconscious one), these points influence and inspire us in helping flesh out words that have a strikingly unique personality that the readers would still be thinking of even once they put it down. The questions/thoughts like ‘how would my character deal with this issue?’ and ‘can I introduce this type of event in a plausible way of character’s life to make it more interesting and identifiable?’

Sometimes we must turn to non-fiction books as well though. Because ‘some reality is stranger than fiction’. The past and the present (and sometimes also the hope of the future), is more than enough in creating scenarios we might not think of otherwise. They become incidents that attract attention… no, demand it actually, and the thousands of possibilities of the ‘what if?’s can only help turn the things in ways that others won’t normally expect. The most noticeable record of one such inspiration can be ‘The Red Wedding’ of A Song of Ice and Fire book series / HBO’s Game of Thrones from the incident known as ‘Black Dinner’. But know this; in no uncertain words, I will say that the past isn’t the only thing that would inspire us. Sometimes, the things of the present will too. Sometimes, you will find that what you imagined pales in comparison to the reality. And it is experiences and moments like these that shape our thoughts and opinions of the world around us.

There are, as I already covered above, sources of inspiration both in media and in the real world around us, that is, both scripted and unscripted. But are all of these good inspirations? No. Some inspirations will be dark in features, spinning your mind down paths from where there is no hope of an unscathed return. They will threaten to corrupt your general view of the world, poisoning your thoughts with these experiences. But don’t fall pray to it. Because though there are times that it is hard to think of what choices to make and what thoughts to listen to, no matter what situation, we cannot forget that with the ugly, the good exists too. It won’t always pull you up from the threatening clouds of darkness but you will have hope.

And from personal experiences, I can say that sometimes it is this hope itself that acts as the push to escape from the darkness of your own mind.

So, what incidents have inspired your thoughts and works? How do you deal with the darker inspirational materials?


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