The Voices Within

A human mind is a thing of unsolved mystery. Today, scientists work hard on unlocking different mysteries of life but they have been unable to break the one presented by this strange organ. It stores memories, thinks, acts, controls every motion of our body. Well that’s what we can easily answer as its jobs and can find a way how they all work. But what about the subconscious? What about the mystery that is our ‘conscience’ and other voices within. They may not have been completely explained as of yet but they are certainly things that promote interesting discussions.

Welcome to this newest post of Narrating the Dream and this time, the topic of discussion is about the voices within our minds. Well more precisely, they aren’t really voices usually but voiceless words that just don’t feel like they have been said in our words. (Kind of like reading someone else’s writing/speech transcript in their own accent.)

Let’s talk about the one we all hear about, and from: The Conscience. It’s the voice that tells us from within about what we should and shouldn’t do. Scientifically, I can claim it to be a developed part of our thought process that has learned from the things we live around and subconsciously remember to later act as an example for decision-making. But turn to fiction, and things become more … interesting. To some, it seems that conscience is a different personality, a guardian angel or something so different that makes the very idea as ludicrous as undeniable. I mean, think about it – no pun intended. Doesn’t it appear sometimes that some of the thoughts we have, some of the choices we feel like making deny any logic or meaning that we have obtained from our lives? Of course, this may take the topic pick one of the side-routes of insane people just having a crazy ‘watcher’ – a topic I’m not going into now. (Maybe someday.)

Some call it ‘angel’, some call it ‘devils’. To different people, they are different things. To me, it’s just another part of me. A friend. A confidant. A trusted entity. I may not always follow its voice but I try never to not let its suggestion go unheard.

Some say that how you respond to it defines the relationship between the two of you. Heed its words and it will grow stronger. Ignore it and someday, it will fade away into the background. Mine has given me no reason to let it fade away so far and so I hear it out. Because sometimes, when I stand at crossroads where my personal opinion clouds my judgement, it helps me see reason. Though I must add that sometimes it doesn’t help at all. So it really is up to us to see if what it suggests is worth following.

And that’s enough about conscience alone. There are other voices as well in our minds as well … and no, I don’t mean the mental illness variety of voices. These voices, fueled by our subconscious, often come out with things that most of just ignore as strange ramblings and stuff. It can be strange stuff like weird lines of poetry or philosophical musings or even random situations that just take hold of your conscious mind and lets the imaginative mind loose. These things may not appear in a composed sense and sometimes keep haunting your mind until either they are completed in some sense (like written down or having completed an incomplete phrase or answering a strange question that it asks) or are just forgotten.

To a creative person, these voices are blessings as well as curses. They stimulate our mind, provoking us to think about stuff that we don’t usually consider and help us develop our power of imagination. But they also haunt us, not letting us work normally otherwise and constantly echoing within like unsatisfied ghosts. They help us develop while also holding back from focusing on other things and so, they become sometimes good and sometimes bad for us. Maybe the voices of mental ill I mentioned above are just overgrown versions of these voices, running rampant and wreaking havoc inside the mind.

I will be posting some of the things these ‘voices’ tell me as well from now on. Because like I said, sometimes these ‘voices’ just demand to be heard, eclipsing everything else.

Do you hear these ‘voices’ in your head as well? What do you do about them? What do you do with what your conscience tells you? Do tell in the comments below.

(P.S.: I’m not saying at all that hearing these voices means you are crazy. As I said above, this just means that your subconscious has stored a lot of things for you. Maybe they are to think over. Maybe they are to provide amusement. Maybe they are for inspiration. Because in the end, these ‘voices’ become the ideas.)


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