Anger -> Button Mashing -> Normal

You can ask for it. You can work for it. You can even beg for it. That doesn’t mean you will get it.
Welcome to the un-supposedly the 16th post of Narrating the Dream and this time, I’m talking for an issue I have already talked about: Anger.
But I won’t be rehashing things. That piece is already done for and wasting that labour seems to be just plain stupid. No, this time, I am talking about being in the heat of the moment and dealing/not dealing with it, depending on how things turn out right now.
Note: This button smashing is really therapeutic right now. Please do try this as one of the methods. And don’t send me the repair/purchase bill please.
The fact that makes me turn to this button-mashing process (Alert: Incensed even more by typos!) is my forgetfulness of having my blog posts in an offline document file that I can immediately access. (Note 2: The fact of going back to add something or correct an incorrect abbreviation is even more annoying than typos. Thank Microsoft for autocorrect!) But that too is not the main issue here. (And once again, really what am I writing? You probably already are walking away from the computer screen or better yet, changing the tab/closing it. I really am not going to re-read this one I swear. Now, back to the rant.) This time, the issue is of prioritizing issues: Group over Me.
I know how spiritualists say don’t follow the voice of ‘I’ or some stuff like that and suggest being selfless. Guess what? They also say of not being angry and if I am breaking one, why not break two? Seriously though, back to the topic. My main issue this time is that I was angry at someone (petty matter, trivial issue – easy to forget later and yes, I acknowledge this even now when I am angry over it) and before I could let it run its course (non-violently of course. I am not going around burning bridges here.), I found out about a ‘Group’ issue that requires (probably not) my attention. Now what should I do?
Manners tell me that I should put aside my own problem and help others. But does my mind agree? NO! (I am really censoring myself really heavily or this post would have been suitable for 180+ <- not a typo, by the way (btw).) It wants to create a ruckus and throw around attitude even though I realize that the group problem is an actual problem (not that I know WHAT exactly is the problem) in comparison to my petty one.
(Note 3: GOOD NEWS! I'm running on fumes now. And editing typos and correcting words several lines ago is still annoying.)

I'm empty.
Well, I will still finish this post.
So, I am trying to be more reasonable but my own brain wants its own time, asking why I should be delaying my own anger for the public good, when I am angry at one of the group members. And so I thought to turn to my own old advices. Next time (and I know there will be a next time), I will have them ready. But for this time, I CAN OFFER A COMPLETE GUARANTEE.
(And I repeat. If you break your keyboard, better use an extra removable USB keyboard for that btw, I am not going to pay your bill for the repair/purchase if you somehow find my address. You broke it, you buy a new one.)
Seriously, I am not rereading this post before posting.


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