In the [ABANDONED] zone, I have talked of two cancelled products so far. The first was the ‘CODENAME REJUVENATION’, a project that though possible, was beyond my capabilities. I had done the most I could do in that case and shared the idea on the web for any interested personality to read and share (and implement, if possible). The second was the ‘PROJECT REHABILITATION’, a fantastical project that I had come up with to deal with the two major present-day global issues of overpopulation and promotion of renewable sources of energy together. This time, I’m guilty  to admit, that the present entry is neither too fantastical nor too hard, if only I had tried.

And so, I welcome you to the 22nd post of Narrating The Dream, and the 3rd in the [ABANDONED] Zone where I will discuss the idea I had for a hoverboard, aptly titled (at least in my opinion) ‘CODENAME HOVER’. Continue reading


Little pieces of writing

“Sometimes, it is not what we did that counts in the end… sometimes what really matters is what we handed down for others to treat as our legacy.”


“There will be times when doubt will prevail.

There will be times when we lose track of our journey.

There will be times when we lose sight for the future we wished for.


When this happens, all we have to do is remember that we have had a past as well. And when we look back, to see how we got here, the past shall clear out the fog that hides the future that we should seek.”


“Sometimes, it is not the demons of the past that beat us down into the ground…

No, sometimes the paths of future do that just as efficiently.”


“Life often teaches us lessons we don’t desire to learn. Lessons that we don’t want to learn. We believe that we don’t need to learn them.


Life doesn’t let us drop out of them in the middle though…


And when it’s through with us, we are left  with the whys. Why did I go through that? Why did I try to resist? Why did I believe it wasn’t necessary?


The truth is that the lessons change us. They alter something fundamental in us. We may laugh. We may cry. We may smile. We may frown. But ultimately?


We learn.”



In everyone’s life, there are moments of strength and then there are moments of weakness. In the moments of strength, we feel invincible, ready to take on any sort of challenge and willing to face any of our fears. In the moments of weakness, we feel beaten, vulnerable and fragile. It is as if even the gentlest of breeze could shatter us into countless pieces. I could choose the glory of strength to talk about, and maybe I will sometime, but not now.

Welcome to the 19th post of Narrating The Dream and this time, we are discussing the concept of vulnerability, the dark stuff that nightmares and other such monsters are made up of. Continue reading

Letting Go… Carefully

Life is full of choices. From the small trivial ones to the major life-altering ones, these choices are always around us. In a nutshell, it can be said that life is nothing but a series of choices and their consequences. They partly define us as they also influence our surroundings and the situations and people we are exposed to. But we are not here to talk about life and choices. Maybe someday. But not today. Today is about only a small part of this. Today is about letting go.

Welcome to the 18th post of Narrating The Dream and what I want to talk about today is the need to let everything go. Letting all your responsibilities fall away is an escape from reality but in today’s life, this escape will not be judged against you (unless letting go causes something bad or the judge is a workaholic, of course). Continue reading

Inspiration: The Sources Around Us

There are days when the only things that interest us are fictional: products of fantasies of a few highly imaginative minds. These days help us find new idols to admire and always follow in hopes of learning a thing or two among the things that make them great. For everyone these are uniquely different, as the qualifications for becoming an idol varies with reading preferences. And then there are days that have the real life beat the imaginative power so easily that makes you wonder if you aren’t in a story yourself as well. These too, consciously or not, influence our imaginative powers as well.

Welcome to Narrating The Dream and this 18th post is about the sources of inspiration around us: both in real life and in fiction. Continue reading


Overpopulation is becoming one of the major global issues. Countless population control policies, expansion of residential areas and other such methods are being carried out in various parts of the world. And being a global concern, this issue has raised thousands of voices and opinions from its huge population. Some are fantastical presently (like colonizing other habitable planets), some usable (land reclamation) while some are just crazy (bomb out cities and wipe out masses! <- Joking! Do NOT take seriously!). Obviously, this one took some attention of mine as well and the idea I had is a mix between the first two. And it is the fantastical nature of my idea (plus the high expense that prohibits everyone without huge funds to work with) that has marked this into the [ABANDONED] category.

Welcome to the 17th post of Narrating The Dream and it is time for the second of the [ABANDONED] category posts. A concept that would have not only taken care of the population issues but also of environment care and proper utilization of energy resources. I called it 'PROJECT REHABILITATION'. Continue reading

Anger -> Button Mashing -> Normal

You can ask for it. You can work for it. You can even beg for it. That doesn’t mean you will get it.
Welcome to the un-supposedly the 16th post of Narrating the Dream and this time, I’m talking for an issue I have already talked about: Anger.
But I won’t be rehashing things. That piece is already done for and wasting that labour seems to be just plain stupid. No, this time, I am talking about being in the heat of the moment and dealing/not dealing with it, depending on how things turn out right now.
Note: This button smashing is really therapeutic right now. Please do try this as one of the methods. And don’t send me the repair/purchase bill please.
The fact that makes me turn to this button-mashing process (Alert: Incensed even more by typos!) is my forgetfulness of having my blog posts in an offline document file that I can immediately access. (Note 2: The fact of going back to add something or correct an incorrect abbreviation is even more annoying than typos. Thank Microsoft for autocorrect!) But that too is not the main issue here. (And once again, really what am I writing? You probably already are walking away from the computer screen or better yet, changing the tab/closing it. I really am not going to re-read this one I swear. Now, back to the rant.) This time, the issue is of prioritizing issues: Group over Me.
I know how spiritualists say don’t follow the voice of ‘I’ or some stuff like that and suggest being selfless. Guess what? They also say of not being angry and if I am breaking one, why not break two? Seriously though, back to the topic. My main issue this time is that I was angry at someone (petty matter, trivial issue – easy to forget later and yes, I acknowledge this even now when I am angry over it) and before I could let it run its course (non-violently of course. I am not going around burning bridges here.), I found out about a ‘Group’ issue that requires (probably not) my attention. Now what should I do?
Manners tell me that I should put aside my own problem and help others. But does my mind agree? NO! (I am really censoring myself really heavily or this post would have been suitable for 180+ <- not a typo, by the way (btw).) It wants to create a ruckus and throw around attitude even though I realize that the group problem is an actual problem (not that I know WHAT exactly is the problem) in comparison to my petty one.
(Note 3: GOOD NEWS! I'm running on fumes now. And editing typos and correcting words several lines ago is still annoying.)

I'm empty.
Well, I will still finish this post.
So, I am trying to be more reasonable but my own brain wants its own time, asking why I should be delaying my own anger for the public good, when I am angry at one of the group members. And so I thought to turn to my own old advices. Next time (and I know there will be a next time), I will have them ready. But for this time, I CAN OFFER A COMPLETE GUARANTEE.
(And I repeat. If you break your keyboard, better use an extra removable USB keyboard for that btw, I am not going to pay your bill for the repair/purchase if you somehow find my address. You broke it, you buy a new one.)
Seriously, I am not rereading this post before posting.