Managing Anger Instantly: The Need For A Silent Way Through

People know it’s wrong to give in to it. Religion preaches not to let it consume you. Things often end up worse when we fall to it. Relationships are strained and regrets are born when we let it take over us. Welcome to the twelfth post of Narrating The Dream and this time, the topic of discussion is anger. Continue reading


Changing Trends: Preferring grey over black and white

Welcome to 11th post of Narrating The Dream. This time, we would be talking about the change the taste of the general media has undergone. It has been one of the major changes in people’s preferences and now everyone prefers it, thanks to one of the most silent transformations witnessed.

There was a time of ‘black and white’ characters with clearly defined boundaries that made them either good or bad. There were heroes (and/or heroines) and villains. But with passing time (and I don’t mean years or decades, some examples can be traced that are more than a century old), this preference has shifted to the grey characters. Anti-heroes, tortured or manipulated characters and villains who were once good and lost their way are now the ones people prefer. Continue reading

A Debate For The Present: Unemployment or Underemployment?

This world and its economy is going through a time of struggles for employment and harsh management. As a result, unemployment is on the rise. And all this has lead to a trend that is sure to damage a career: Underemployment. People are employed but not paid what they are worth. Or they have to do things that doesn’t utilize all their skills effectively. And this is the wonder for this post that shall only present points for both sides in the question: Unemployment or Underemployment? Continue reading

Just Making Something Clear

This post will offend some, this post will be rude to some (probably the same folks) and to some others (I hope) this post would be an acceptable explanation. The rest? I don’t know. I would like you to be in the third category.

Just because I have a blog here doesn’t mean I will be devoting every second of my life to it. In the time since June 26, I have written several posts for the blog on paper but haven’t been able to post them to maintain my schedule. I apologize for that. But it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.

I never promised anything regarding my frequency for posting stuff but I will try to maintain a bi-weekly pattern. There would be posts that might not fit into this pattern or times when I don’t post at all. Just know that if it is the former case, I couldn’t wait to talk about it and if it is the latter, then I had nothing to talk about yet.

That’s it, then. Take care you all.