The Cost of Being Social

‘Humans are social animals.’ It’s what we are taught at schools. By the word social, it was implied that we preferred to live in groups and work together to progress. But what folks don’t usually realize is that this identity of being social has a cost too. Well, some might but probably not for long. And what is this cost I’m talking about? Loneliness.
Whether it be an actual isolation or a bubble in the midst of unfamiliar (and unrelatable) crowd, the loneliness that will trouble you is, simply put, maddening and suffocating. The unspoken thoughts, the unexpressed opinions and the unshared jokes can cause severe discomfort within. And this isn’t matter for only introverts. Even if you are an extrovert, it doesn’t matter if you strike some conversation with any of the unfamiliar faces (if any) around you because you can’t really express your thoughts PR opinions as comfortably as you would like without being judged as ‘rude’ or ‘conversation manipulator’. And this is a best case scenario.
No animal, tree or imaginary friend helps when you know the truth that there is no one real to converse with, unless you learn to talk to animals or trees, of course.
Now one might argue of being comfortable with silence. Not everyone has mastered this skill and I commend you if you have (or are trying to). But the truth remains that at one point or another, you would feel a desire to talk to, or even hear a human voice because when I mention isolation, it. An be for any length of time and a time would come when your desire to speak and talk, fueled by emotions that demand a connection, would overpower your comfort with silence.
What do you think? Is there an exception to this general assumption? And how long do you think you would last in both ‘actual isolation’ and ‘bubble of isolation’ situations?


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