What I look for in a book when I read

Some may call it a depth of realism, some may call it a sense of morality embedded within while some others may call it a well written story.

I call it ‘writer’s brilliance’. (and the ones above as well.)

What am I talking about? (Have a little patience. I’m getting there.) There are thousands of book out there. Every single book of them has a story, howsoever it is told to the readers, and each of them has a part of the writer embedded in it. Being one to write myself, I know that this is true for myself at least. I try to give my best to everything I write. I try to give them a part of me so that they don’t appear as two dimension pieces of words but three-dimension unique people in the reader’s mind. And being a reader as well, I would expect this as well. (I told you I was getting there. This is ‘there’.)

A brilliant book, one that I would gladly give 5 out of 5, should touch us in a place so deep within us that we end up breathless by the time we reach the last word. And then, I judge whether to give it that one extra point for brilliance if it satisfies me and at the same time  urges to begin over. The storyline of the book doesn’t have to end to earn a 6 star from me, it only has to inspire me.

Now, rather than going on and on in convoluted circles, I am going to point out some works that I’ve read that made me feel like this.

  • Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices #2) by Cassandra Clare: The agony of the main character in facing a choice between her two loves sneaks up on you and before you know it, you would be wishing for a way to choose as well. There is action, there is suspense and there is everything else that there is but none of it harms the romance embedded deep in the soul of the book. A romance where, no matter what happened, everyone was going to be hurt deeply.
  • Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling #12) by Nalini Singh: This one raised a point that, even though I have experience in predicting storylines, left me blindsided from the very first page. How do you know someone is good or evil without getting into his mind when all his actions serve only his unknown cause? In the previous ten books, the author weaves the complex personality of the male main character so deftly that it is near impossible to not judge him. Only to shatter it to smithereens. It isn’t a story of sudden reformation, it isn’t a story that breaks character of what was the base for all our judgement. It is a story of redemption towards the only one person who matters. And that’s why it’s on this list.
  • The Consequences series by Aleatha Romig: This entire series is a maze that will inspire emotions of a very wide range, from the lows of disgust, despair and hatred to the highs of joy, happiness and redemption, while messing with our minds all the while. To be honest, the present day storyline (aside from that of book 1: Consequences) doesn’t really present that emotional hold on us on its own. But mix the past events like she did and the result was such a series that I was terrified to read, impatient to wait. A brilliant work that will take through the roller coaster of emotions every time I gather enough courage to start over again.
  • Breathe (Colorado Mountains #4) by Kristen Ashley: This book brings a smile on face just by remembering it. It would have been a typical ‘KA’ romance with enough action and a feeling of anticipation that would never make the journey of the courtship of the couple slow down or drag. And if it were only that, this book would be just another average book of hers. But the secondary plot of the story (though it gets more time in the story than the primary one) is the one that binds the reader and the characters together in an unforgettable way. For me, even if the primary issue hanging over the couple had never been there, it wouldn’t have mattered because the secondary plot tugs deep at the humanity that resides within us all. And that makes re-reading it always a pleasure and never a chore.
  • Just What I Needed</a> and Band On The Run by Kelsey (Chooseitwisely) on Wattpad: Unlike the books above, these two aren’t published. Does this mean they don’t deserve to be published? God, no. These two are so brilliant that they can set the benchmark for every other book out there. Every chapter is a roller coaster ride in itself and you can’t help but fall for all the primary characters of the story. I don’t say this lightly when I claim that every single chapter (okay, not the very early chapters of Just What I Needed) inspired me with the depth of writing. The book ‘Just What I Needed’ is being edited by the author slowly but that doesn’t mean that its chapter don’t pack any less of a punch than the published books above. The second book ‘Band On The Run’ isn’t completed yet but still all the chapters will hit you deep within (only if you read through Just What I Needed though). Plus, the amazing author often quotes/references songs that only help to enjoy the story. (It is a story of two artists passionate about the music world, after all.)

Justice By Oleander by Carey (italrt4u), Birds of Paradise by Kay (DarknessandLight) and You’ve Got A Follower by Celine (JustCeline) also are three Wattpad books that belong in this category 

There are more books that deserve being on the list above, with some incomplete ones on Wattpad, but these seem to top my list. If you wish to check them out, please do. Just look them up on Wattpad/Amazon

These all were my favorites, the ones that inspire me. What are yours?


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