The Cost of Being Social

‘Humans are social animals.’ It’s what we are taught at schools. By the word social, it was implied that we preferred to live in groups and work together to progress. But what folks don’t usually realize is that this identity of being social has a cost too. Well, some might but probably not for long. And what is this cost I’m talking about? Loneliness. Continue reading



Nightmares are the unpleasant products of our subconscious when we sleep. At least, this is how I will define it. I’m not here to discuss why it happens or how it happens. I’m not a scientist or researching trying to unlock such mysteries of the brain (no offense intended). I’m not going to talk about what causes them. I’m just going to discuss the impact they leave behind. So, welcome to this newest post of Narrating The Dream. Only this time, it’s nightmares we’re talking about. Continue reading

What I look for in a book when I read

Some may call it a depth of realism, some may call it a sense of morality embedded within while some others may call it a well written story.

I call it ‘writer’s brilliance’. (and the ones above as well.)

What am I talking about? (Have a little patience. I’m getting there.) There are thousands of book out there. Every single book of them has a story, howsoever it is told to the readers, and each of them has a part of the writer embedded in it. Being one to write myself, I know that this is true for myself at least. I try to give my best to everything I write. Continue reading

Thoughts On Writing

Writing is much more than putting words together meaningfully. It is an art form that requires dedication from the writer, among other things. If one isn’t really interested, then no force can make that person a writer.
Some believe people who are excellent writers have this skill since birth. There is no truth whatsoever in this Continue reading