There are things that we all want to do. But sometimes, the restrictions the reality bind us in can put a hold in achieving these goals. I have had many ideas, most of which were sadly just fantastical. It is unfortunate that I didn’t have an insight of writing them down before they faded away from me. So when this idea came to me and failed, I decided to write this down before it faded away as well.

Welcome to the third post of Narrating the Dream and here, I will discuss the project that was terminated before it even took a single breath of existence. A project that would make everyone realize what they really are worth, that would make them realize what they ignore. That was the vision behind the project I mention here. That was the vision I had. Project Codename Rejuvenation. Okay, no more dramatic delaying.

So basically, we have various technological developments going on that have the entire world’s attention. The one that has been in the spotlight for quite some time and is approaching the general folks of the world is the devices for Virtual Reality. Oculus VR is the one that has recently taken the news in this regard by getting even the Facebook involved. And once it is released, it wouldn’t be long before whole new worlds (literally, alternate worlds) would open for folks. My idea was a simple one but it involves something that everyone would truly appreciate.

“You never know what you have until you have lost something.” The biggest source of regret of the humanity of the present day. My idea was: Why not let them make them realize the loss of things that they take for granted before giving them back? And through alternate realities, we can. With one system, we could harness some of the limitless possibilities of the entire ‘VR’ technology to make this true.

All we need is a medical setup to connect us fully to the system and the software to plug us in. And when we wake up, it will be one thing we choose to be reminded about. Taking your body for granted? We could show you a reality where you lost that limb and make you understand how hard it would be to live in such a world. Taking a person for granted? We would thrust you into a world where that person doesn’t exist in your life. Nothing, not even the smallest of things that we take for granted, would go unappreciated anymore. This was the objective of this abandoned project.

This was the rejuvenation people would seek so no one would ever underrate what they have and squander it in useless pursuits. And it didn’t have to be some company-controlled either. To get to the masses, you need to involve the masses. The entire project would have been free so that people could participate and provide suggestions.

But with every positive, there is a negative. Terrorist cells, secret intelligence agencies, or just powerful people would seek to use to twist the advantages of this in their own favour, prompting a question of morality. To release it and risk its unethical use or to control it and ultimately monopolize the market, keeping it out of reach of common folks? Because even though we don’t like it, the world isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. So what should we do?

For this, there would be a non-removable fail-safe. To stop before the experience gets too much for the user. To give them just enough power that they can keep their experiences a secret from even those would oversee the operation. This would avoid any sort of torture, any “accidental” revelation of any safety codes, personal secrets, etc. It isn’t ideal and there would be flaws but for supporting the general objective of Rejuvenation, this would have to do.

So, with a heavy heart, I declare this project [Abandoned] for now. One day, someday, someone will have this same vision as mine and start it onwards. I have laid out the idea and I hope it helps whoever wishes to work on it. I wish the person/ group to succeed in bringing this idea to fruition and would like to make a small request.

If I still live when you do succeed, do sign me up to be a client as well. Like everyone, I would love to rejuvenate as well.

(Rant: I know how this post reads but that is how I wanted things to go. Initially I was going for a sales-pitch method for the post but then switched it to the direct mode. And if I wasn’t clear above, I would like this to happen while I still live. AND promote this post. I don’t care if you never visit the blog again but promote this post. So that those who will make this a reality may find this and be motivated.)



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