There are things that we all want to do. But sometimes, the restrictions the reality bind us in can put a hold in achieving these goals. I have had many ideas, most of which were sadly just fantastical. It is unfortunate that I didn’t have an insight of writing them down before they faded away from me. So when this idea came to me and failed, I decided to write this down before it faded away as well.

Welcome to the third post of Narrating the Dream and here, I will discuss the project that was terminated before it even took a single breath of existence. A project that would make everyone realize what they really are worth, that would make them realize what they ignore. Continue reading


Blog address change alert

I hope no one notices this (but it is alright if you did) but I have changed the blog address to narratingthedream.wordpress.com. This is what it was supposed to be and the old name was completely accidental.